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Commodity material: titanium steel, high-polished stainless steel 316L, its characteristics are corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, will not be affected by environmental changes, long-term wear can maintain the usual luster, noble and elegant. Because this metal material does not contain nickel, it is suitable for all people who are allergic to metals. Product features: This pendant is designed with a rectangular vertical card pendant and is designed in accordance with the rainbow colors. It is the main product of the rainbow community. The main product is 40mm (1.58 inches) long, 10mm (0.4 inches) wide and weighs 13.6g (0.03 lbs). The product comes with a chain with a length of 60cm (23.6 inches). Commodity meaning: suitable for gays and lesbians to show off their pride. The arrangement of rainbow colors represents the colorful life of the LGBT community. It can also be used as an anniversary gift. To express love in another way, but also to express our strong blessings. Product packaging: The product will be strictly inspected before delivery; it is equipped with a white flannel bag printed with the store's black font LOGO; suitable for daily gifts to friends, relatives, girlfriends and colleagues. After-sales service: We strictly screen the products before delivery to ensure that the products you receive are flawless; we will ensure fast delivery and high-level after-sales service; if you are satisfied, you can write down your true feelings , to help more people who want to buy. We are committed to providing our customers with the best jewelry and the best service.


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